Thursday, November 29, 2007

"We see the Solar Bug as a transitional vehicle, a way to begin getting away from the gas pump," says Steve Titus. "You can't use it for vacations, and you can't take it on the highway. But just think of being able to fuel up your car on sunlight and about a dollar a day of electricity. That's pretty sweet."

It sports a roof full of solar cells, one seat forward and back, incredible visibility, and the look of dune buggy crossed with an Ipod.

  • Top Speed: 35mph
  • Range: 60 miles + from fully charged batteries
  • Solar: 200 watts roof mounted (10-20 miles per day)
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Capacity: 2 person
  • Drive Batteries: 6-12 volt AGM
  • Battery Charger: Single Bank
  • 4-6 hours recharge: Charge cost: 30-60ยข
  • Acceleration Control: Hand Throttle
  • Lighting Controls: Finger tip control
  • Drive: Belt
  • Safety: Roll Bar Protection with Seat Belts
  • Body: Fiberglass
  • Vehicle Weight: 900 pounds


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