Friday, August 24, 2007

Unless you've been living under a rock, you should really know about It's a free classified ad site, has many communities, and it's entertaining to just read the "best of" and rants and raves sections. One problem, though, is if you're looking for a specific item and are willing to go to several cities for it, there's no easy way to search multiple locations. Until now.
lets you search multiple cities at once to find the info you want. The site's creator also adds this disclaimer...
dear craigslist,

so....i made this site that does consolidated searches of your sites. seeing as though i'm the kind of dork that makes something like this first and ask questions later, it wasn't until i posted it up that i realized how much you don't like sites like mine. i understand, but i figured i paid for the domain already so i'd ride it out as long as i could and i hoped you wouldn't hate me as much since i at least didn't force people to search all of the USA -- which is retarded.

i know your mission is to create comminuties, and i totally love and respect that. the problem is, if i'm looking for a yamaha wr250 with a CA plate i'm willing to drive anywhere in CA to get it, or even OR or AZ. searching on 10 or more site just gets tiring. you made craigslist because newspaper classifieds are limited, i made this search because i thought going to 10 different sites and re-entering the same search is what computers are made for.

as you can see from the footer/disclaimer i have on the main pages, i have only good intentions for this site and am in no way trying to steal your users or profit from your content. i don't have any ads, don't want ads, don't care about what people search for, and i've been trying to evolve my script to reduce the load it puts on CL and protect it from exploitation.

thanks for making one of the greatest sites on the web. if you have any issues or comments feel free to contact me. i'm not out to make enemies. i'm just trying make my life easier when searching for all the crap i like to find on craigslist. i am a local web designer and i feel i've made a very usable advanced search interface for CL. for all you've given me, i would gladly give it to you.




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