Thursday, August 23, 2007

O.K., after fighting all afternoon, I got the audio functionality back up. That means more music posts for you. I'll also document the steps I used to put a simple audio player on a Blogger site, as the info is strangely fragmented throughout the web.

Here's a sample of a band I've been listening to lately, The Mountain Goats. This tune's called - Jenny. Enjoy.

First you need somewhere to host/stream your music files from. Find an online site and upload them. A common problem with the free sites is that they're either slow to serve/download or that they don't provide you with the critical .MP3 url of your files. So don't waste hours uploading all your Paul Anka CD's until you know you'll be able to get the right url's. Upload one short clip and find out. I went through four hosting sites before I found MusicWebTown.

I'll present this as a pic so that Blogger doesn't read the code and translate it, so you can see the actual text. Click to make the pic big...

You can do a search and often find the above embed codes to copy and paste on the web to save you transcription time/potential errors.

Again, if all you can find is a .html or some other file extension, it won't work. Needs to be .mp3.

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