Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pretty cool custom....

I am delighted to present this work of art by a new star in the custom bike firmament, Bryan Petersen.

Unlike most customs however, this bike not only looks great, but promises to offer a substantial performance improvement over the stock bike.

Among the many features of note are:

1. Ohlins front fork
2. Ohlins rear shock
3. Ohlins steering damper
4. Lightweight Marchesini wheels
5. Ultra light weight seat and subframe : approx. 5 lb.
6. Custom made stainless muffler
7. Eccentric chain adjuster
8. Inboard rear brake
9. Clip-on handle bars
10. Handmade high output head light
11. Long Wheelbase single sided swing arm
12. 520 Chain conversion
13. Dual ZTL front brakes
14. Custom made rearsets

I haven't ridden this bike yet, but I have every expectation that in addition turning heads where ever it goes, that this bike will definitely out handle a stock Buell because of it's longer wheelbase, less unsprung weight fore and aft, its lighter weight, and of course, the Ohlins suspension and damper are all advantages over the stock bike.

When one considers that this is the first effort of a young builder, it is all the more impressive.

I am looking forward to Bryan's next bike which is already in the sketch stage, and will definitely be be a Buell.

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