Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yesterday, I was scheduled to go on a much-needed motorcycle ride with a friend. I woke early, gave the bike a once-over, cleaned and polishes and checked the tire pressu.....WHAT IS THAT!!!!

This drywall screw was embedded in the tread of my rear tire. So, I got out my trusty tire plug gun kit and set about learning to plug a tire.

Three mangled plugs and some choice verbal outbursts later, I achieved success...

My bud showed up shortly after, and we set out despite the overcast sky and intermittent showers.

Ended up in a Town called Port Townsend for lunch. We swapped bikes for the 20 mile run into the town, his R1 feeling tiny and insignificant under me, but wheelieing effortlessly (and unintendedly). We had to wait until noon for the pub to open, so we talked about the differences and fielded bike/trip questions with the 6-7 people also waiting to get some food. Good pub food, and the most eclectic CD playing in the background.

We decided against trying the western side of the Olympic peninsula as originally planned, as there were heavy gray clouds rolling in. Decided to make the 40 mile ride to the next town, Port Angeles, as there's a road there, "Hurricane Ridge", that's built for bikes and the top is awe inspiring....

(from a trip a few years ago....)

We reached the road entrance, but were disappointed to see the "road closed" sign. We took the five mile spur up to the locked gates anyway, just to get a taste of some curves, spinning and sliding a bit on the cold wet pavement. Fun stuff, but over all too soon.

We decided to head back, but were faced with a choice. Either return to Port Townsend and possibly catch the ferry, or ride back along the coast. We decided to check when the ferry ran, and blasted back to Townsend. No traffic, we were able to open the bikes up a bit here and there. Found out that my tankbag magnets are only good up to about 130mph, as it suddenly let go somewhere north of that speed and unexpectedly thumped me in the chest. Yeah. Fun.

The ferry was only an hour off, so I decided I needed some caffeine. We left the bikes on the dock and walked next door. Port Townsend's main drag is a few feet lower that the rest of the town....

Hopped on the ferry, met a Harley rider and chatted for a bit. He guessed his (stock) bike had, " About 100-110 horsepower. " I really didn't laugh. (In the real world it has about 65.)

We'd noticed a girl with a cello case walking on board, it was sitting upright in the compartment we chose. She opened the case and played a few tunes as we crossed. Good stuff, her own songs. Her name's Serena Tideman, been trying to find some of her stuff online but no luck.Got her email, to send these pics, so I'll check then.

Deferried and away we went. Some scenery...

In and out of a few rain showers..

Crossed Deception Pass, a tall bridge with impressive currents to get to the main land...

Cruised home to Seattle via a route I'd never taken. R1 leads...

Passed this old Toyota ??? It was packed with an odd assortment of junk. When I took this shot I thought, " cool old car!". But it's just an old car. Hope somebody, someday, cools it up.

I think my riding partner has a good day...

This was the first time I'd ridden with the guy, which can be a little weird. It wasn't. We have similar riding styles, attitudes, enjoy going fast when appropriate and vice versa. We both also didn't want an ambulance figuring into the plans of the day. Good ride. There will be more.



Blogger Unknown said...

You suck. Why can't you have a regular 9 t0 5 job like the rest of us so you can have other people go on bike rides with you!

Just kidding, looked like a fun trip. Where did you eat in PT?

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