Monday, March 19, 2007

Nashville Singer Killed On Texas Interstate

"(AP) ROYSE CITY, Texas - Up-and-coming country singer Buck Jones was struck and killed as he walked along a Texas interstate service road.

Jones lived in Nashville.

The driver of the car that hit him early Saturday in Greenville

(Texas) is being held on an intoxicated manslaughter charge.

A spokesman for Jones said the 33-year-old singer had blown a tire and was walking along the service road to find a mile marker so he could tell a service truck where to find him.

Promoter and co-producer Billy Block says Jones and his guitarist were on their way to a party, where they were scheduled to perform.

Jones released an album called "Lucky Star" in 2005."

O.K., Got a flat tire on my pickem up truck, walkin along a lonely Texas highway, when a drunk took away my dreams.

I think he just wrote his last hit.



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