Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is the Campagna T-Rex. Built in Quebec, Canada. Uses a big motorcycle engine, three wheels, and seats two side by side. Pulls almost 2 g's. New for 2007 is the engine from Kawasaki's biggest and baddest, the ZX-14. 187 hp. Pushing a car weighing less than 1500lbs.

One of the British bike magazines found that the zx uses two butterflies in each intake tract, like many newer engines. One set is controlled by your throttle hand, the other, by the engine's fuel injection computer. This computer controlled butterfly barely moves until about six thousand rpm, providing smoothness and effeciency at the expense of power production. The mag removed this restriction, remapped the fuelling (appaerently extreme leanness was discovered) and got back a beast that now was capable of beating it's nemesis the hayabusa, at the expense of fuel mileage. Just a point to consider.

Back to the T-rex, a UK TV show recently had a spot on it, now immortalized on YouTube ( or at least as long as Google lets it stay)...

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