Sunday, January 21, 2007

This guy is Scott Jenkins. He's a senator. Wait, he's proposing something good! Sensible speed limits, Careless driving citations, and ticketing left-lane drivers who impede traffic!?!?!? Might have to move to Utah...

Utah's legislature is considering a boost in its maximum highway speed limit to 80 MPH. A unanimous vote of the Utah Senate Transportation and Public Utilities and Technology Committee on Tuesday recommended adoption of legislation that updates and improves the way speed limits are determined in the state. If approved, Utah would join the state of Texas which implemented the nation's top legal speed of 80 MPH last year.

State Senator Scott K. Jenkins (R-Plain City) introduced the legislation giving state transportation officials the discretion to increase the legal speed on highways where engineering and safety surveys show most motorists are already safely traveling at that speed. His proposal also encourages reasonable limits on other roads based on scientific engineering studies.

Jenkins' measure also creates a new crime of "careless driving" which happens when a motorist commits any traffic violation while: on a cell phone, eating, drinking, smoking, tending to children or other passengers, looking for something dropped in the car, or grooming oneself. The police may use unmarked police cars to issue tickets for careless or reckless driving, but not ordinary speeding. It also outlaws driving slowly in the left lane of a freeway, saying that dawdlers, "may not impede the movement or free flow of traffic in the left general purpose lane."

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