Thursday, January 25, 2007

Remember, I blogged a month or so ago about the Auto-Union Type-D racer, a late 30's overpowered racecar.

There's one going to auction soon, speculation is it'll be the most expensive car ever, to the tune of 15 million. The blurb from the NYPost....

The race car Adolf Hitler had built to prove the superiority of the Third Reich is expected to sell for an incredible $15 million at an auction next month.

Bids for the 1939 car - which narrowly escaped being pounded into scrap metal by the Russians after World War II - will open at $13 million at Christie's in Paris on Feb. 17.

The current record for a car sold at auction is $11 million, for a 1931 Bugatti Royale in 1987.

Hitler's car, manufactured by the forerunner of Audi, will be on display in New York Thursday and Friday at Audi's Park Avenue showroom.

Hitler had 18 of the sleek racers created as propaganda tools by the German carmaker Auto Union, which beat out Mercedes-Benz and Porsche for the contract.

The race car set records topping 185 mph and won Grand Prix races in Europe until the war put the brakes on its fame.

Most of the cars were destroyed in the war or melted for scrap.

The car being auctioned is believed to be the only one that has survived. It was found in a Russian factory in the 1970s, already disassembled for copying the technology, before its metal was to be recycled.

After being meticulously restored in England, the car went through new owners, including American collector Paul Karassik.

Christie's would not identify the seller, but the car-buff Web site identifies him as Karassik.

Its rare design - conceived originally by Porsche - put the driver's cockpit in front of the supercharged V-12, 485-horsepower engine.

Auto Union and other manufacturers were merged after the war to form Audi.

Christie's said the Auto Union Class D racer enjoys a cult-like status among car buffs.



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