Saturday, December 30, 2006

So, getting caught in an avalanche must ruin your whole day.

Black Diamond Packs makes this thing, the Avalung, to try extend your survival time as you wait for a wand to come down and hit you in the head.

The principle is that by using a simple valve, your exhaled air is exhausted behind you, while you take in air from the snow in front of you, minimizing carbon dioxide buildup.

Interesting idea, I wonder if it'll work. I see two potential issues... First, your work of breathing is increased by having to blow through a tube, and I'm guessing you'll already be breathing pretty hard, with just having been buried alive in an avalanche and all. Secondly, I thought that the snow around you "set" pretty quickly, leaving only a small window of opportunity to sweep out as big an air pocket as possible, which means its all really the same air, whether in from or behind you.

I'd like to see if this helps in the real world.

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