Friday, December 22, 2006

Brian Gullickson, dorkwad extraordinaire and piously self-important city council member in Otter Tail county, Fergus Falls, Minnesota apparently believes he is, to quote the inimitable Steven Segal, " Above The Law".,

He refused to pull over when cops hit the lights behind him, instead he called the 911 dispatcher and whined (see below). Deserves a little tazer therapy, in my opinion.

The 911 transcript...

"The following is the transcript of the 911 phone call between City Council Member Brian Gullickson and Otter Tail County Dispatch the morning of Dec. 17. An officer was attempting to pull him over for expired license plate tabs, according to Fergus Falls Police Department.

Gullickson, 39, refused to pull over and called 911. He was arrested for fleeing a police officer, obstructing the legal process, third degree DWI refusal and no current registration. He was freed on $500 bail Monday.

911: “Otter Tail 911. Where is your emergency?”

BG: “Call the police department please.”

911: “The what police department?”

BG: Fergus Falls.

911: “OK. What’s the location? Where do you need help?”

BG: “Ah, I have a cop that’s following me and I’ve done nothing wrong.”

911: “Yeah. Hold on a second.”

BG: “Thank you.”

911: “But you need to, you need to stop the car, sir.”

BG: “Ah, ma’am, I’ve done nothing wrong so I’m not stopping.”

911: “Hold, hold on a second.”

Unknown, inaudible.

911: “Hold on a second (inaudible). Sir, you need to pull over right now. It’s considered fleeing an officer.”

BG: “I’m not fleeing an officer. I’ve …”

911: “You need …”

BG: “… done nothing wrong.”

911: “Pull the car over.”

BG: “Put me into the Fergus Falls Police Department please.”

911: “You’re talking to a dispatcher and I’m talking to the police officers on the phone. You need to pull your car over.”

BG: “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

911: “You have to pull your car over.”

BG: “No I don’t.”

911: “Yes.”

BG: “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

911: “Yes you do.”

BG: “This is being recorded. I hope this is being recorded.”

911: “This is, you’re, you’re darn sure this is being recorded. You need to …”

BG: Inaudible.

911 “… pull your car over now.”

BG: “Right. I’m glad it’s being recorded.”

911: “Pull your car over, sir.”

BG: “No, I’m not gonna pull my car over.”

911: “Yes, you need to.”

BG: “… (inaudible) nothing wrong.”

911: “You’re gonna end up having so many officers and deputies out there. Pull your car over.”

BG: “Nah, they don’t want to mess with me.”

911: “Pull your …”

BG: “(Inaudible) have no idea who they’re (inaudible).”

911: “Pull your car over.”

BG: “Thank you. Have a good night.”

Gullickson did not attend what would have been his last city council meeting Monday. He did not seek re-election in November."

My personal favourite bit is the DWI refusal... scumbag. I think anyone twisted enough to want to be in politics should be disqualified automatically from running.



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