Friday, June 02, 2006

Yesterday, a friend called, as he does every month or so, and invites me out for a little sailing excursion. As I had nothing else to do, I readily agreed.

We were in a small cat 25 boat, much like the one you see here. Only problem was, NO WIND. We got out into Puget sound, hoisted the sails, and waited. And Waited. The beers came out, the fog continued to blanket us.

We noticed a small inflatable coming toward us. The Coast Guard were apparently bored/training new guys, because they pulled up and stated we were going to be boarded. They rummaged through the cabin, asking about flares, life jackets, horns, etc. Broke the monotony for a bit. We passed the inspection, they motored away, promising to send any wind they encountered back our way.

We continued to drift, the sails occasionally catching a puff of wind. A school of porpoises came by, sleekly surfacing to inhale, yet not even causing a ripple. A seal popped it's head up nearby to check us out.. Otherwise, it was a mellow morning of talking and drinking beer out on the water.

Then, the rain started, not mist, mind you, it'd been misting most of the morning, this was a cool Seattle rain, you know it's not going to stop anytime soon. We fired up the motor and cruised under power back to the dock.

Not an exciting sail, but a great way to blow a day. Thanks, Mike.


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