Saturday, June 17, 2006

Driving through Red Rock Canyon, I had the opportunity to try out my tires, newly mounted. Scroll down for the saga of placing non-standard tires on my CRV if need be. I drove up a jeep road in the mountains to see what they could do. I'm impressed. The crv has a "real time" 4 wheel system, so it's not a 4X4 by any stretch, but it got up some things I didn't think it would.

This was the end of the line. A washout had left the "road" a jumbled heap of beachball sized boulders, with no discernable line I could place the tires on. So, in the interest of saving the undercarriage, I turned around and went back. This meant reversing through a tangle of similar, but less numerous rocks, but we got through with only one crunch.

Great scenery. Steep loose switchbacks, no runoff. Fun.

This was an impromptu little picnic area, nice place for a little break to let the differential cool down.

Spines and spurs of rock, a road carved into the hillside, washouts, precise driving to place the wheels and protect the underside, for miles.


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