Monday, May 15, 2006

Well, Finally got to ride Highway 20 on Sunday. Beautiful day, great ride, actually bolted on the backrest and brought my wife along. Expected cold, dresed appropriately, ended up not needing the gear. Sunny and warm.

I usually HATE Sunday riding, the quality of drivers tends to be poorer, the distractions greater, and the percentage of drivers who somehow think THE FAST LANE BELONGS TO THEM is much greater.

Last Sunday was different, except for the DRIVERS WHO THINK THE FAST LANE BELONGS TO THEM. On a motorcycle, I ride a bit faster than traffic, I'm constantly forced into weaving through traffic because some slow-driving moron as parked his barge in the leftmost lane and WILL NOT pull over, blocking traffic, causing congestion and dangerous situations as drivers are forced to loop around him. Why are these people not pulled over and ticketed?? ( or shot )

And, if you happen to be one of these DRIVERS WHO THINK THE LEFT LANE BELONGS TO THEM, please pull over and let the faster traffic through. You wouldn't block a lane at the supermarket by walking slow, would you? Why is it ok to do it at 60mph?? P.S. I don't usually drive "agressively". But I have no problem cutting off a car thats been blocking traffic for miles when I finally get around them.

By the way, those cute little commuter lanes count too. Just because you've packed up your corpulent, inbred brood and decided to lumber on down to the local buffet DOES NOT give you a free pass to blithely block traffic as you meander along at just under the speed limit. Commuter lanes exist to ease the congestion problem, not make it worse. You are making it worse.

The vast majority of the civilized world understands.." keep right except to pass ". There are signs. Believe it or not, there are signs here too. It's just not enforced. Do the world a favor. I don't block you, I get out of your way. Be considerate and do the same. Do me a favor. Look in your rearview. Right now. Stop reading, take your eyes from your little BlackbeTreo35000 and look at that little mirror dangling in the middle of your windshield. Now, adjust it so you can see behind you. Are there cars there? Are you in the leftmost lane? Pull over, you're officicially blocking traffic.

Stay tuned for pics of the ride. Rant off.


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