Monday, February 27, 2006

A rant.....

As much as I hate to bring attention to a crazy man whom already has too much attention, Fred Phelps and his inbred band of religious zealots have really stuck a chord of hatred in me.

I won't give his particular brand of crazy any more press here, but his choice of protesting at funerals makes him an intolerable commodity in my view.

A journalist recently wrote this about him..."You probably think he's crazy. And not ordinary crazy, mind you, but 20 pages, typewritten, single-spaced, both sides of the page with scribbles in the margins crazy."

I don't particularly agree with all the American foreign policy, but I respect the choices of others. It's beyond ironic that the freedom and liberty these young people die for ( I'm speaking about the deceased US troops Phelps has recently taken advantage of ) is EXACTLY the ideals that allow Phelps to pervert and demean their funerals to broadcast his own messages.

My personal opinion is that he and his band of oddities be taken somewhere into the middle east and released, thereby giving him the freedom and ability to see firsthand the lives of those he touches on such a personal level. He can protest and grandstand all he wants...for a while.

Funerals are SACRED, you idiot!

A shining light, however, has been keeping this band of oddities away from the grieving families.

They're called the Patriot Guard, a band of motorcyclists and other concerned parties who take it to task to shield these families from the horror and atrocity of having someone yelling and protesting at your loved one's funeral.

Riders often ride hundreds of miles to be part of this nonviolent shield, lining up in front of the Phelps brood, drowning out the chanting with the bikes, and ensuring the families get the respect they deserve without the moronic grandstanding of a splinter cult.

Sign me up. I don't think there's a single person who thinks a funeral is an acceptable soapbox platform, and I'm filled with pride that there's this groundswell of opposition by bikers to combat this perversion of solemnity and respect that is the Topeka cult. I'll be watching the right hand column of the following website for any needs near me. Might have a tough time sticking to the "nonviolent" part, though.


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