Monday, February 27, 2006

O.K., I'm a 35 yr old married guy living in Seattle. I work at a Trauma hospital, but my main passion is my love of two wheeled travel. I mountain bike and/or motorcycle every day.

Since the mountains are now snow covered and the trails are closed, I either snowboard ( that's a whole 'nother story ) or ride my motorcycle, a 2001 Honda Valkyrie that I've EXTENSIVELY modified to fit my idea of a perfect bike.

See above for the latest incarnation.

I run a local motorbike group called " Bob's random rides " as my work schedule's fluid and I tend to hop on and ride at a moment's notice.

Wanna join? It's a Yahoo group, just search for the title above. If you can't figure it out, you're obviously pretty thick and I probably don't want your dumb butt anywhere near me, let alone drafting down a twisty road at hyperlegal velocities.

Currently ramping up to ride much more frequently, as springs' inexorably creeping nearer, the gray numbness that is Seattle in winter is loosing it's vitality-sucking grip, and the wanderlust is beginning to stir.

Related to the above, I currently spend inordinate amounts of time simply reading about the exploits of

WWW. Life is a valkyrie rider has a true storytellers heart, some of his tales will have you laughing out loud at the keyboard, tears streaming down your face. ( As a complete aside... I truly HATE the moronic text shortcuts and abbreviations that I believe are contributing to the stupidification of America, you'll NEVER see a cutesy smiley or retarded LOLSNMPRTHF in this blog.)

This is Daniel Meyer, Texan valkyrie storyteller.

WWW. A perfect blend of info, pics, stories about the motorcycling world. A bit Californicentric, but huge. You'll spend a lot of time here.

Guy on the left is Tim, creator of Pashnit. This guy makes a living photographing people riding the "Dragon" a stretch of twisted two lane in North Carolina that's become a mecca for riders and sport car guys both. Killboy's blog gives you a glimpse into the culture behind this road, and his sample pics are excellent quality. Check his archives for lots of great shots,

This is Killboy's ride.....

Alright, enough for now, go get busy.

Oh, OK, one more..... My favourite tshirt site has something to offend almost everyone, and his monthly newsletters are pretty clever too. I support this guy. A few months ago, he was hospitalized due to an attempted poisoning. Seems someone took offense and decided killing a "bad" man was less evil than a tshirt business. He actually took down his more offensive area but fairly quickly regained his F-you attitude and put it back up. Kudos.

Latest round of shirts pokes fun at the Cartoon killings... don't get me started.



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